Monday, February 28, 2011

And just who is this gorgeous woodland creature?

It's Mr Badger!

He is the Special Events Manager of the Grand Boubles Hotel, and has worked there for years (as did his father, and as did Grandfather Badger before that).

We first met Mr Badger in Mr Badger and the Big Surprise when he was busy planning the birthday bash of the (more than slightly revolting) seven-year old Miss Sylvia Smothers-Carruthers.

Then we met him again in Mr Badger and the Missing Ape. This is the one where Algernon the ape goes missing and Mr Badger turns detective*.

And now, in the latest fabulous installment, the Difficult Duchess de la Dodo has come to stay at the Boubles Grand Hotel. And she is making things rawther... difficult for our dear Mr Badger.
Just who does she think she is, ordering a scottish spongecake (it had to be flown in from Edinburgh), imported Belgian chocolate chip ice-cream, lime-flavoured Latvian lemonade and three television sets for her suite through room service, without so much as a please or thankyou very much?

And just why does she look a little familiar?
Read it to find out!

*This is my absolute favourite, but they are all excellent. Also, if you are passing by the Younger Sun, make sure you look in the window!
(We might just have an extra special painting of Mr Badger on display for your viewing pleasure...)

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