Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet The Author!

Meet The Author
Samantha Ellen Bound! 

Author of our Kids Book Club book 

'What the Raven Saw'

She will be joining us for a chat and signing at kids book club

March 2nd, 2pm, meet us in the Younger Sun bookshop! 

All  Welcome, Please RSVP, call us on 9689 0661

Friday, February 8, 2013

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Image from 'I Like You' by Stoddard Sandol

Thursday, February 7, 2013



'An unlikely hero. An extraordinary story...'  What do YOU think?

'The raven doesn't want you to read this story. What if you find out the location of his treasure? Or worse, what if you learn his secret - that ravens can talk?'

With the help of an irritating pigeon, a flirtatious weather hen, a philosophical scarecrow, a kind priest, a ghost boy AND his grieving sister; Raven will uncover a thief, save a life and discover that there is more to life than being magnificent. 

Saturday 2nd of March 2pm. 
Come along to the Younger Sun before we head over to the Sun Theatre for snacks and chats about this awesome story. 


'...a confronting and heartfelt story of adolescent experience'

'What do you do when everyone says you're someone you're not? 

Alex wants change. Massive change. More radical than you could imagine. 
Her mother is not happy; in fact, she's imploding. 
Her dad has walked out. 
Alex has turned vegetarian, changed schools, stopped taking her medication. And created a new identity. An identity that shakes her world. 
And Alex - the other Alex - has a lot to say about it.' 

Saturday 2nd of March 3pm. 
Come along to the Younger Sun before we head over to the Sun Theatre for snacks and chats about this intensely moving book.

Both books are 20% off for the month of February. For more information contact us on 9689 0661, or email