Friday, March 30, 2012

Owl Know How

Two talented Melbourne based ladies have been crafting up something wonderful, Isobel Knowles and Cat Rabbit have been stitching and gluing and writing and photographing and LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE MADE! A BOOK! A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOK!

It is called 'Owl Know How'... It is about a rabbit, called Cornelia, who makes some owls to save the cloud town she lives in from sinking! It is amazing! It is Clever! It is super-dooper fabulous, and I must say, it is my favourite book in the shop at the moment. It also comes with the pattern to sew your own owl! WOW!

Have a look at the Owl Know How website here:

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Monday, March 26, 2012

It's our Birthday!

It's our 14th Birthday! So we are celebrating all day on Saturday the 21st of April. 

There will be cake! Events! Singing!
Come one, come all! 

It's our party but YOU get the presents. 

Check our events page for further information.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hooooooray! Events!

 Lauren Oliver is coming to the Sun! So is Sally Rippin! And Judy Horacek! 


The Sun is a very happening place. 

Fabulous US author Lauren Oliver will be here on Thursday 29th March 
 4.30 pm at the Sun Theatre. 

The lovely Sally Rippin is coming on Saturday April 14th at 11am

The hilarious Judy Horacek will be here on Saturday 21st April at 2pm. 

All Welcome! Snacks and fun to be had! These are free events, but please RSVP here, call us on 9689 0661 or drop into the store.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Have you met Claude?

"Claude is a small, plump dog who wears a beret and a rather fetching sweater"... 
this is how each of Alex T. Smith's chapter books about the charming Claude begin. And goodness me I am in love with them all!
Claude's adventures include: Claude on Holiday, 
Claude in the City and the newest tale... 
Claude at the Circus!

Claude lives with Mr and Mrs Shineyshoes, and his best friend is Sir Bobblysock, a little sock who hops along on all the adventures.
A 3 year old and a 6 year old I know - who are very discerning young fellows- absolutely approve of Claude. In-fact I haven't met a soul who does not adore this little character.
Perfect as a first chapter book for boys and girls, and even as a read aloud story for younger folk. 10 out of 10, a gold star for Claude! Hooray! Standing Ovation!

Also, the creator of Claude is super amazing, he seems quite young and spiffy and definitely CLEVER... Have a look at his excellent blog, have a look here:
And Claude himself also has a blog you can se it here:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Books- what are they good for?

Books aren't just good for reading. They are also good for...


Playing basketball*, magnifying things, taking pictures and getting ideas. 





and even Travelling

*not all books are good for playing basketball with but this one has a special hole in it that makes it perfect for sport. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magic Memory Moments

Before the internet, before game-boys and i-pads and things that needed batteries and charging, people played simple games. These simple games do still exist and, lo and behold, the Younger Sun has some in our possession! And even though they are analogue and made from paper you can hold in your hand, they are absolutely FUN! (and chic and cool and pretty)

                                                      Alexander Girard Memory Game
                                                  Animals! Matching Game by Bob Barner

Charlie Harper Giant Lady Bird Floor Puzzle
                                                            Usborne Snap Card Games