Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Grimstones come to the Younger Sun

How lucky are we at the Younger Sun Book Shop?

Not only do we have a new amazing pop up park popping up on our doorstep but the Amazing and Talented Asphyxia paid us a visit this morning and has installed a window display of her characters from The Grimstones.

Asphyxia is a puppeteer who has just released her first book, The Grimstones, Hatched.... 
A chapter book about The Grimstone family. Have you met them?
 There is Martha Grimstone who wants to grow up to become Lady Martha the Magnificent and she lives with her Mother, a seamstress, and her Grandpa Grimstone, an alchemist, in a grand old house. 

This Gothic fairy tale is positively spooky and fantastically beautiful. Stay tuned for photos of the window! You find out more about The Grimstones here: www.thegrimstones.com
PLUS we have some extra special signed copies of The Grimstones in the shop right now! Scuttle in and take a peep at the window too! It is totally amazing!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Switched Vs Twilight

Hello Young Adult fans of the world 
It is time to cast YOUR vote! 

Is Switched by Amanda Hocking better than Stephenie Meyers Twilight?

Vote now by emailing your choice to info@sunbookshop.com 

Tell Us Why You Think What You Think in 100 Words or Less and you could WIN a copy of TORN, the second book in Amanda Hockings Trylle series 


Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up, Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman (Hardy Grant)

From the genius of Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket...wow!!) teamed with exquisite illustrations by Maira Kalman comes this new Young Adult tale of first-love-heartbreak as Min writes letters to Ed about their relationship and the whole story of why they broke up. 

I am in love with the format of this novel, Maira Kalmans paintings are an added bonus to Daniel Handlers' fabulous and slyly funny story telling.  
The back cover reads 'Min and Ed's Story of Heart Break May remind you of your own'... and it does, in that first love, first heartbreak, impossible teenage romance sort of way. Perfect for teens who are experiencing their first heart ache or anyone really who has every had their heart broken or anyone else who is just a romantic at heart.
You can also find out more at this special website made just for the book, 
The Why We Broke Up Project
and tell your tale of heartbreak too

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meet Alice and Nellie...

There are two new installments in the wonderful Our Australian Girl series! 

Introducing Alice, a talented young dancer from Perth. With the Great War raging on the other side of the world, will her dream of becoming a ballerina ever come true?

Meet Nellie O'Neill, an orphan girl arriving in South Australia from Ireland who just wants to learn to read, find a family to love and leave the troubles of the famine behind. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Blexbolex is a French graphic-designing, screen-printing, book-illustrating, ultra-cool guy who has made a fabulous book of people... all sorts of people, in fact. 
Meet An Astrologer, A Biologist, A Nudist, A Demon, A Tourist, A Balloonist and many many other off beat illustrations of colourful folk.
It is an art book as much as it is a fascinating and gorgeously printed anthology of characters for children to imagine, become and dream of. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Playing With Colours

MOMA and creative author/illustrator Pascale Estellon have created the unique and beautifully printed
  'The Color-Play Colouring Book'
Extra large with bold and bright illustrations this book will introduce young artistic folks to colour theory while encouraging an experimental approach!
Designed to be used with paint as well as crayon/pencil/texta this book will inspire quirky and unexpected responses from budding artists. Ages 4 to 10

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here is a happy little story to go with your happy new year...

Once upon a Yesterday, I sold a copy of Gangsta Granny to a bright young customer. 
Today the very same customer appeared in my shop to tell me that he loved it so much that he read ALL of it ALL at once and it was so very funny that he had to come in to let me know. 

It warmed the cockles of my heart. 
The End.