Monday, January 30, 2012

Why We Broke Up

Why We Broke Up, Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman (Hardy Grant)

From the genius of Daniel Handler (aka Lemony!!) teamed with exquisite illustrations by Maira Kalman comes this new Young Adult tale of first-love-heartbreak as Min writes letters to Ed about their relationship and the whole story of why they broke up. 

I am in love with the format of this novel, Maira Kalmans paintings are an added bonus to Daniel Handlers' fabulous and slyly funny story telling.  
The back cover reads 'Min and Ed's Story of Heart Break May remind you of your own'... and it does, in that first love, first heartbreak, impossible teenage romance sort of way. Perfect for teens who are experiencing their first heart ache or anyone really who has every had their heart broken or anyone else who is just a romantic at heart.
You can also find out more at this special website made just for the book, 
The Why We Broke Up Project
and tell your tale of heartbreak too

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