Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Unidentified

The Unidentified, Rae Mariz (Text)

Fifteen-year-old Katey, aka Kid, goes to school in the Game—a ‘school’ run by corporate sponsors. Social networking is as natural as breathing, your online profile is everything, and striving to get ahead in the popularity stakes involves a careful navigation that could go wrong at any turn.

The corporations watch the students to spot the next trend and the kids vie with each other to be noticed and sponsored by the corporations. Being ’branded’ means celebrity status, not to mention financial freedom.

But what kind of freedom is it when you’re always being watched? And how important is it to be the coolest and most popular kid when your identity is owned by a corporation?

When Kid witnesses a mock suicide staged by an anonymous group calling itself the Unidentified she begins to ask herself those questions.

The Unidentified is a book about identity, freedom and integrity, a book that will lead readers to discuss the power of marketing and the media, our desire to fit in and be popular, and the importance of making a stand for what you believe in.

We're all reading this one here at the Younger Sun. It's very, very interesting. We'll pop a review up on the blog soon, once we've thought about it a little more.

For now, here's the author, Rae Mariz, talking about her book...

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