Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teen Bookclub : Dancing in the Dark with Robyn Bavati

On Saturday 5th February the Teen Bookclub met to discuss Dancing in the Dark by Robyn Bavati. Very excitingly Robyn was able to come along and be there to field questions and issues that the group had about her book.

Have you read it yet? It's a brilliant story about a young girl called Ditty who has grown up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish family and who wants to learn to dance ballet, even though her parents disapprove and will not allow her to take lessons. Ditty takes lessons in secret, even though disobeying her parents makes her feel unbelievably guilty and she becomes aware of the world outside her community. It's sensitive and sweet and you should all go out and read it now.

We had a great chat, with everybody asking questions and having a say - everyone really loved the book and connected with Ditty. It was also our biggest bookclub by far, filling the long table in the Sun Theatre's Hogwarts room. Above is a teeny selection of awesome bookclubbers with Robyn in the Younger Sun afterwards.

Thanks for coming Robyn!

Click here for Robyn Bavati's blog (where she says nice things about us).

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