Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Robot Girl and Ghost Boy

How to say goodbye in robot, Natalie Standiford (Scholastic)

In stock now at the Younger Sun is this brilliant novel for young adults.

Bea is new to town and, unlike in all the other new-girl-in-town books you've read, she's welcomed warmly into a large group of girls. But Bea is fascinated by Jonah, a sullen and weird guy ostracised by the rest of the school that everyone calls Ghost Boy.

He's reluctant to let her get close to him, but they bond over a late-night talk-back radio show full of old timers and strange, strange folk and their friendship is like no others.

Their relationship - although not a romantic relationship - is cemented and strengthened when Jonah discovers that someone from his past might not be dead after all and he needs Bea's help.

This is a magnificent first novel, something like Jerry Spinelli's amazing Stargirl or John Green's spectacular Paper Towns.

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