Friday, March 4, 2011

Out of the Egg

Out of the Egg, Tina Matthews (Walker)

What a gorgeous, unassuming little book*! With mostly black-and-white illustrations it tells the story of Red Hen, who finds a green seed.

No one will help her plant, water or tend for the seed (not Dirty Rat, nor Fat Cat, nor Greedy Pig) so Red Hen does it herself.

When the seed grows into a fantastic big tree, Red Hen lays an egg underneath and hatches a cute little red chick.

Dirty Rat, Fat Cat and Greedy Pig would like to come and play beneath the tree, but Red Hen says NO...

...but the little red chick is going to teach her mama a thing or two about kindness!

*Though for a limited time it does come with a giant plush little red chick!

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