Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

From the author of How to say goodbye in robot, Natalie Standiford comes...

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters (Scholastic)

It is Christmas and Lou Almighty is very upset with the Sullivans. One of them has offended her and if she does not receive a written confession and apology by New Year's Day they will all be removed from her will, and therefore cut off from her substantial inheritance.

The family - Ginger, Daddy-o, St John, Sully, Norrie, Jane, Sassy and little Takey - get together and decide who it could have been to offend their fearsome grandmother so much. Unanimously, they decide it must be one of the girls.

"And so it was agreed that the three girls - Norrie, Jane, and Sassy - would spend their Christmas break writing out a full confession of their crimes, to be handed to Almighty by midnight on New Year's Eve.

After that, they would have to hope for the best."

Was it Norrie's falling in love on the boy from her Speed Reading class that did it?
Was it Jane's tell-all blog?
Or was it that Sassy had murdered someone?

A wonderful, very funny and must-read book!!


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  1. Having just finished (and loveloveloved) How to Say Goodbye in Robot, this is going straight to the top of my book wishlist!


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