Friday, October 7, 2011

Ruby who?

Ruby Redfort!

Clarice Bean never used to be much of a reader, but then her granny gave her a book about a girl named Ruby Redfort and Clarice's mum says that is when she turned into a bookworm. 

According to Clarice Bean in Utterly Me, Clarice Bean (Lauren Child, Orchard Books) Ruby Redfort is an amazing girl a bit like a detective who sometimes drives to school in a helicopter. 

So here is a brand new book entirely about Ruby Redfort! 
It is called Look Into My Eyes (Lauren Child, Harper Collins) and it is ace. 

First Ruby's beloved house keeper Mrs Digby goes uncharacteristically AWOL. Then the house is robbed so completely that nothing is left save the telephones and the hardwood floors (even the dust is gone). And Ruby has been receiving irritating phone calls that may in fact be clues...

With her best friend Clancy Crew and the slightly annoying but seriously suave new butler Hitch by her side, newly recruited Ruby has to prove to Spectrum, super secret agency, that they have in fact hired the right girl for the job. 

Ruby is a banana milk drinking, code and wise cracking school girl turned secret agent that fans of Clarice Bean, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden or pretty much any kind of mystery story with cool gadgetry and plenty of adventure will love. 
Complete with creepy villains, a toaster that imprints messages from HQ onto toast to be read before devouring and some seriously big sunglasses, this is not to be missed. 

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