Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Please sir, I want some more...

It is the time for sequels, it would seem. This month we've got the newest installments of your favourite series:

Froi of the Exiles, Melina Marchetta (Penguin)

Sequel to last year's wonderful Finnikin of the Rock, Froi of the Exiles is the second book in the Lumatere Chronicles.

Set three years after the first, it is the story of Froi who - now trained and more mature than he was the last time we saw him - is on a mission to the kingdom of Charyn.

Ranger's Apprentice, John Flanagan (Random House)

Still not completely satisfied that you know it all? Never fear! In the Lost Stories the author John Flanagan ties up a whole bunch of loose ends, stories that come before and after this popular series.

Has Halt told Will the truth about how Will became an orphan? Did Gilan track down Morgarath's lieutenant after the battle of Three Step Pass? Is there to be a royal wedding - or will tragedy strike first?

For the many, many, many fans of the Ranger's Apprentice. This one is pretty special.

Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune, Rick Riordan (Puffin)

Percy Jackson is awake!

There's a new quest, much adventure and the threat of the whole world being destroyed. Here's hoping that even though Percy has no idea who he is that he can save the day.

The Mask of Destiny, Richard Newsome (Text Publishing)

The third book in the awesome Billionaire Trilogy is finally here and it is as exciting and action packed as the first two. Within the first couple of chapters Gerald is accused of murder and has to flee England before he is killed or goes to jail.

With his trusty sidekicks Sam and Ruby, and his faithful (but sometimes begrudging) manservant Mr Fry, Gerald is off on another adventure to finally get some answers about the golden rods, the maps, the jewels and his family history.

Blooming brilliant!

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