Sunday, October 16, 2011

review: The Truth About Verity Sparks

The Truth About Verity Sparks, Susan Priestley (Walker Books)

I finished it! It was so good.

Reasons why: the book really was accurate about life in London at a difficult stage. The book is set in London in the 1800s. It described almost exactly what sort of dangers lurked for young women at that time. Verity goes though a number of difficult obstacles like losing what looked like a very stable job.

If (though I should say when because, wow, awesome book) you read this and feel as if evil people are going to jump out and abduct Verity or other evil deeds, you are not alone because I felt the exact same thing. The story line just gave that sort of vibe.

And because, like a few people, I love to read about that sort of stuff, I seriously found it almost impossible to stop reading! But I had to and I fairly blame that on my mum. I don't see the reason why I can't stay up until 10 or something :)! Maybe some of you are lucky enough and can stay up and read for much longer than me!

~ Hannah, teen book club member

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