Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ever wake up in someone else's body?

Flip, Martyn Bedford (Walker Books)

Fourteen year old Alex wakes up one morning. Alex wakes up six months after he went to bed. In Manchester, when he went to bed in London. Alex wakes up in Philip’s body – in Philip’s house, with Philip’s family.

This is a very intriguing body-swap story, detailed and psychological. While he does explore the more silly and light hearted side of waking up in someone else’s body – there’s the issue of Philip (aka Flip)’s multiple girlfriends, his reputation with his teachers, his relationship with his big sister and the idea of going to the toilet in someone else’s body – Bedford really focuses on the more serious side to create a truly gripping story. Alex researches his condition on the internet to find that it’s not unheard of. He joins a community of psychic evacuees and starts to piece together the puzzle of just what has happened to him. If he is in Flip’s body, then what has happened to his old body?

Flip is an intense and moving story with excellent characters and an intriguing premise. Highly recommended.

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