Saturday, June 4, 2011

Die For Me

Die For Me, Amy Plum (Atom)

16-year-old Kate is from New York. After her parents die in a car accident, she and her big sister Charlotte move to Paris to live with their grandparents (luckily they are both fluent in French!). Kate spends her days reading in cafes, going to the cinema or browsing through museums and galleries, wallowing alone in her misery, until one day she meets a dashingly beautiful stranger. He falls for her, she falls for him – but he’s no ordinary boy ... Is she strong enough to be a part of his dark world? It might have a cheesy title, but Die For Me is a reliable and enjoyable addition to the teen supernatural romance genre, with the added benefit that it’s set in Paris, complete with trendy bars and hipsters. Though Plum is a self-confessed Twilight-addict, she’s deliberately created a protagonist with a bit more integrity than dearest Bella. Much of the novel involves handsome-boy explaining all the supernatural stuff to Kate as well as introducing the characters, so it feels like there should be a sequel, but there’s no talk about that yet. Here’s hoping!



  1. There should definitely be a sequel. just finished reading it.

  2. Taylor S - we'll let you know the second we hear wind of one! thanks for commenting.


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