Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Painted Fingernails

Black Painted Fingernails, Steven Herrick (Allen & Unwin)

James is off in his graduation-present BMW on his first teaching rounds in the country and reluctantly gives hitchhiking Sophie a lift.

'How about we toss a coin? Heads, it's west and a lift. Tails, it's still west, but no lift.'

Sophie’s on her way home, but she also has a secret, which comes out bit by bit as the two learn more about one another. She makes him nervous and shy, but their friendship develops throughout the book. James’ secret isn’t hard to guess – he isn’t 100% sure about this teaching idea.

Told in alternating chapters, Black Painted Fingernails is a lovely, poetic prose novel about taking time to figure out what the hell to do with your life, and finding someone nice to spend that time with.



  1. oh i so can't wait to finally gettign around to reading this. it's going to be awesome :)

  2. thanks nomes - it's wonderful. i think you'll love it.


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