Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Sister Blog Tour

To celebrate the launch of her second novel for young adults - Little Sister - Aimee Said has departed on a Book Tour of some great blogs where she'll be chatting about her book over the course of this week. Check it out:

Monday: inkcrush
Tuesday: My Girl Friday
Wednesday: Literary Life
Thursday: In The Good Books
Friday: right here at The Younger Sun blog!

Little Sister:

There are just thirty-eight days until Al's smark, pretty, popular and perfect-in-every-way sister Larrie finishes Year Twelve.

Thiry-eight days until everyone at Whitlam High will stop seeing Al as Larrie's little sister and start appreciating the real Al Miller.

But when rumours about Larrie start spreading, Al discovers that having a sister everyone is talking about can be even worse than having one everybody loves.

We've read it now, and we love it. Al is funny and ever-so hard done by, desperate to shine like she's never shone before! Maybe even go out with the gorgeous Josh Turner... But when the rumour mill starts churning, people are gossiping about Larrie, Al has to work out what to believe and how to deal with it. You'll love it.

Then, on Saturday 14 May, Aimee will be at the Younger Sun (well, actually, over in the Sun Theatre) to have a bit of a party to celebrate. We'd love everyone to come along and join us!

RSVP on 9680 0661 or info@sunbookshop.com

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