Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Sister Blog Tour --- Aimee Said

Local author Aimee Said is getting ready to launch her second novel Little Sister for young adults this week in Sydney (and in Yarraville at the Sun Bookshop next week for a second party) and she's been on a virtual tour of some great young adult blogs this week, arriving today at the Younger Sun blog, to put to rest that funny little question authors get asked all. the. time.

Al is not me (but we do have a few things in common)

When you write a book, the first question a lot of people ask is, ‘How much your main character is based on you?’ Although I try very hard not to let too much of myself creep into my books, Al - the main character in Little Sister - and I do have a few things in common, namely:

  • We’re both little sisters (but where Al and Larrie only have two years between them and could be mistaken for twins, my sister and I were born four years apart and look nothing alike).

  • We’re both messy. (As Al puts it, ‘people who keep their rooms immaculate do it because a) they’re avoiding something they don’t want to do and cleaning is an acceptable form of procrastination, or b) they’ve got nothing else to occupy their time because they have no life’.)

  • We both love cheese. (I’m particularly fond of a stinky washed-rind and make a mean fondue.)

  • We’re both baffled by scientific theory. (Researching genetics and sibling inheritance was as tough for me in real life as it is for Al in the book – it reminded me why I was so relieved to give up Science at the end of Year 10!)

  • We both have a love/hate relationship with Facebook (but for very different reasons).

  • We both like to use a lot of brackets.
Thank you Aimee!

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Little Sister is in stock now at the Younger Sun! Come and pick up your copy today. See you all at the launch: Saturday 14 May at 3pm.

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