Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leviathan: a silver inky candidate

My first blog post! oh the excitement!

Alek is a prince without a throne. On the run from his own people, he has only a fighting machine and a small band of men.

Deryn is a girl disguised as a boy in the British Air Service. She must fight for her cause- and protect her secret- at all costs.

A steampunk retelling of the first world war? could YA books get any better than this? Scott Westerfeld wrote it? apparently they can.

The way Scott Westerfeld develops his characters is fantastic, despite the fact that they live in an unimaginable world and do amazing things they are still wonderfully accessible and real. Deryn may be a typical tomboy but she still retains hidden depths revealed throughout the novel. I've always been a fan of dual perspective books and with the characters; Deryn and Alek Westerfeld has achieved harmony between two radically different protagonists.
Despite this book being aimed at the YA genre Westerfeld has managed to once more create a book that overlaps genres and audiences.

Leviathan is a beautiful book, the writing coupled with the illustrations serve to create a whole different world, a world of war machines and massive flying creatures and an ultimately believable world. Definitely in the running for the silver inky and most definitely my choice for the winner. You can vote for Leviathan here


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