Tuesday, October 12, 2010

cave baby

i love julia donaldson's books; she created the gruffalo, room on the broom and tiddler to name just a few.

i also love emily gravett's books; the odd egg, meerkat mail and little mouse's big book of fears being a selection of my favourites.

and right now, right here, and for the very first time ever, we present (err.. i suppose actually it is the publisher Macmillan that presents) to you an entirely delightful collaboration from misses donaldson and gravett that collects the best elements from both contributors (gravett's amazing pictures and donaldson's wordplay), and jumbles them together and onto the back of a woolly mammoth for a ride through caves artfully decorated with five legged tigers, long curly hares, and maybe, just maybe... a big brown bear.

love it. especially gravett's pictures.


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