Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the Where the Why and the How

Did you know:
...that some jellyfish may be able to live FOREVER? It's true-and some scientists discovered a spore (a hibernating form of particular types of bacteria) in a crystal of salt that was roughly 250 million years old! If they hadn't disturbed it, it is possible it would have lived another 250 million years, making this organism....immortal.....

...that trees can communicate with one another?

...that rogue waves of up to 1 720 feet tall (500 ft taller than the Empire State building) have been known to occur in the middle of the ocean, destroying giant ships?
Illustration by John Hendrix
Have you ever wondered:
...about what was here before the Big Bang? 
...Or if there are more than three dimensions? 
...Or why we sleep? 
...Or hiccup? 

Illustration by Dave Zackin
This incredible book, containing seventy-five scientific theories and explanations,  accompanied by seventy-five artist's illustrations, offers no concrete answers but plenty of wonder at the miracle of life, the universe and everything. It attempts to answer questions you might have burning in your mind, or perhaps questions you never even thought of until now, but are now dying to find out more about!

Illustration by Matt Forsythe
The illustrations are incredible works of art, created by cartoonists, fine artists and graphic designers. They have been carefully chosen to match the scientific theories, written by various experts in their fields of research or work.
Illustration by Joohee Yoon
This is a truly inspiring and eye-opening book in store NOW, a great gift for inquisitive kids aged 10+ all the way to adulthood!

And just in case this blog hasn't got you jazzed up about science enough yet, be sure to watch this YouTube video created by Symphony of Science, a music project by John D Boswell that uses Auto-Tune to make the wonders of scientific inquiry accessible to all!
Featuring the work of Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil DeGrasse & Bill Nye. 

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