Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Australian Books

Check out some of our exciting new Australian books.

Peggy by Anna Walker

This is the story of a brave chicken on a big adventure.

One Very Tired Wombat by RenĂ©e Tremi

A delightful counting book featuring a cast of cheeky Australian animals and lots of humour.

Word Hunters by Nick Earls

Lexi and Al are twins with Lexi and Al Hunter are twins with almost nothing in common – except their parents and their birthday. When the twins stumble upon an old dictionary their world as they know it changes. They are blasted into history to hunt down the words that threaten to vanish from our past and our present. Their lives and the future of the world are at stake. Can they find a way back home? 

City by James Roy

The thing is that in a country town, everyone thinks they know everyone else, whereas people who live in cities will happily drive for an hour to have coffee with a friend, but won’t know the name of the lady who lives upstairs. 

Into That Forest by Louis Nowra

Me name be Hannah O'Brien and I be seventy-six years old. Me first thing is an apology - me language is bad cos I lost it and had to learn it again. But here's me story and I be glad to tell it before I hop the twig.

This is an unforgettable and heartbreaking story about two young girls living in the wild with Tasmanian Tigers.

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