Thursday, January 6, 2011


Fruitloops and Dipsticks, Ulf Stark (Gecko $14.99)

Things begin to wrong for Simone when her mother decides they are moving house to live with her new boyfriend Ingvar (known to Simone as the hat-idiot).

First they forget the dog and he disappears, and then Grandpa escapes from the nursing home and appears on the doorstep in (thieved) ladies high heeled boots and a hospital gown, snorting happily through the strands of hair in his nostrils.

And then the teacher at Simone's new school leaves the 'e' off her name and turns her into a boy.

And this is only the beginning.

A lovely, perhaps more-than-slightly mad, COMPLETELY enjoyable story. I laughed lots, and then I cried a bit but in the good way.

Highly recommended for 11+. This is one of my favourite books. Possibly ever, but at least for the last year.


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