Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Club JUNE 1st

Here are the Book Club books for May 
Book club will be held on Saturday June 1st
2pm for the Kids group, and 3pm for for the Young Adult group.

The Kids' Book Club this month is Evan's Gallipoli by
OUR FAVOURITE local author Kerry Greenwood on
Saturday 1st June at 2pm.
Fourteen-year-old Evan Warrender travels with his father to the Dardenelles, where they intend to provide succour to the Allied soldiers. When they are captured by the Turks, they are launched into an epic journey, living on their wits and the kindness of strangers as they escape and travel through Turkey, back to Greece and finally home to Australia. Along the way they meet unlikely friends and companions, some of whom have deep secrets. And when Evan's own secret is revealed, we realise just how incredible the journey has truly been.

The YA Book Club is All This Could End
by Steph BoweSaturday 1st June at 3pm
Nina doesn’t have a conventional family. Her family robs banks—even she and her twelve-year-old brother Tom are in on the act now.  After yet another move and another new school, Nina is fed up and wants things to change. This time she’s made a friend she’s determined to keep: Spencer loves weird words and will talk to her about almost anything. His mother has just left home with a man who looks like a body-builder vampire, and his father and sister have stopped talking.  Spencer and Nina both need each other as their families fall apart, but Nina is on the run and doesn’t know if she will ever see Spencer again…

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