Thursday, July 5, 2012

Horrible Who?

Horrible Harriet! 
Aren't you overjoyed to see her lovely face again? I know I am. 

This time she is starring in her brand new chapter book sized adventure 
Horrible Harriet's Inheritance 
(written by Horrible Harriet but assisted by Leigh Hobbs and published by Allen and Unwin).

When Fred the postman actually comes to the door to deliver a letter instead of hurling the mail over the fence and fleeing, Horrible Harriet is mildly surprised. She is also quite surprised by the news contained in the  letter, but regains her decorum quickly, just as a royal should. For it turns out that Horrible Harriet is a long lost member of the Royal Family! And also possibly a queen. All she needs to do now is find evidence of her family tree...

Horrible Harriet is a thoroughly memorable character, and is definitely one of my favourites.
Her delightful smile, her somewhat mad eyes, her charm.

I think she would make a wonderful queen, don't you?

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