Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SHREK: Before He Was Famous!

Did you know Shrek was a character in a book before he was a movie star? 

Shrek, written and illustrated by American cartoonist William Steig over twenty years ago, is even more repulsive, grumpy and unpleasant than his animated counterpart. 

Shrek gets kicked goodbye by his parents from the black hole in which he was hatched, only to meet a particularly horrible witch who tells him his future; that he will marry a princess.

On his way to finding the princess (who the witch assures him is "even uglier than you"), he cooks a pheasant with his eyes, gobbles up a lightening bolt with a smoky belch and his haunted by a nightmare of happy children who won't stop hugging and kissing him.


 This book is just as hilarious as the movie, with delightfully disgusting illustrations. It is perfect for anyone looking for an extremely silly story with a horribly-ever-after ending. 


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