Sunday, February 26, 2012

Titles In Question

Two New Books came to the shop yesterday. And their titles are both Questions... Which I like, because it made me curious, it made me want to know more, it made me want to know the answers to the questions! Let me break it down for you!!!

Where Is Fred?
By Edward Hardy, Illustrated by Ali Pye

Fred is a fuzzy little caterpillar. He is also an expert at hiding. Along comes Gerald, the crow, who is looking for something delicious to eat! 
Lucky that Fred is good at disguising himself!

Also, you get a free tiny little fluffy Fred the Caterpillar toy with every book! (While stocks last) (Cool!)

What's the Matter Aunty May?
By Peter Friend, Illustrated by Andrew Joyner.

You may know Andrew Joyner as the author and illustrator of the fantastic 'Boris' series, well, the fun keeps going with this new picture book. Written cleverly with rhyming text, this is a book about looking on the bright side, even when precious antique vases are destroyed, cats are covered in red ink, cream cakes are splattered into ceiling fans and lounge rooms are flooded by burst pipes! Phew!
Poor Aunty May!

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