Monday, August 22, 2011

The Naked Boy AND 13-Storey Tree House

It's not August, it's Andygust. Ummmm. Andy-fest?

Andy Griffiths has two fantastic new books out this month and both are IN STOCK at the Younger Sun.

there's The Naked Boy and the Crocodile, which is a brilliant collection of short stories written by young Indigenous kids from some remote communities. Even Andy said he couldn't have come up with such hilarious and original tales.

And ahead of our launch party TOMORROW NIGHT, we have hundreds of copies of 13-Story Treehouse written and illustrated by everyone's favourite pair Andy and Terry Denton. Imagine if you lived in a tree house with thirteen floors, with a bowling alley, a huge pool, Tarzan vines to swing on, evil kissing mermaids...

Andy will be at the Sun Theatre (by way of the bookshops) tomorrow night -


at 4.30pm

- so come on down and celebrate his latest book! It's a hoot, trust us. RSVP here or call us on 9689 0661.

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