Sunday, July 17, 2011

All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever Wanted, Vikki Wakefield : Text Publishing

Mim's got plans to get out of her dead-end suburb. She's following the rules she creates - no booze, no drugs, no tattoos, no sex, no swearing, even - all so that she doesn't end up like her mum. She has a box of Lonely Planets that'll help her on her way. But life's starting to get a little out of control. Her best friend Tahnee has a new, serious boyfriend, her brothers are both doing time and a strange young woman has moved in next door, who keeps the strangest hours.

But Mim has been sent (reluctantly) to pick up a package from Feeney Tucker and on her way home is intercepted by the love of her life (not that he'd know it) Jordan Mullen...and things take a turn for the worst.

This wonderful debut novel is gritty and hopeful and an absolute must-read.

Most highly recommended.


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