Monday, September 13, 2010

Teen Bookclub on Tomorrow, When the War Began

We met to talk about Tomorrow, When the War Began (by John Marsden, published by Pan Macmillan) on Saturday.

Disturbing, but 4 and a half stars - Isabella
Gut-wrenching - Clare
Gory, and 4 stars - Pele
Explosive! - Alexandra
Sad, 4 and three quarter stars - Charlotte
Julian was only 10 pages in but LOVING IT.
Kate's read it over and over again and still loves it, 5 stars.

We talked about how real the story felt, like it could have been happening to us. It was really frightening to read, but so interesting and we couldn't put the book down. Most of us thought Homer was fantastic and funny and our favourite (although Corrie and Fi and Lee also got some votes). We thought that John Marsden is amazing at writing teenagers and that he got their voices completely right. We were all sad about the dogs. Pele wondered if Robyn could have been so innocent if she wasn't so religious. We discussed the moral dilemmas of fighting in a war, and what "good" and "evil" actually means.

It was a great bookclub, thank you to everyone who came. You are all now free to go and see the movie!

Next month we're reading This is Shyness by Leanne Hall. There are signed copies at the Younger Sun, available this month at 20% off!

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  1. I like this book. It was so real. I think it was because of how the war was in Australia and.....? It was a bit scary (I have to admit). My favorite characters were Homer and Ellie.
    I LOVED THIS IS SHYNESS!!!!!!!!! Dr. gregory is evil and funny. My favorite character is Wildgirl because......?

    Love Alexandra

    P.S I am at school so I would write more if I wasn't.


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